This wine has a beautiful lemon gold colour.  It appeals freshness and strong aromas of fruit such as citrus.  The sweetness and acidity are well balanced. It has ..
  Yellow with light green shades.  expressive notes reminding of elderberry flowers spiced by a light minty touch.  soft with floral notes, well balanced and fi..
  Natural flavours of pear and apple Very pale green, bright.  Dominated by the pear, we can feel the acidity of the apple in the nose.  Finely sparkl..
  Pale rose , very soft.  Fresh, notes of rhabarber.  Finely sparking. Reveals both aromatic intensity and a very pleasant freshness.  Serve as an aperitif...
  Sweet pink.  Intense flavours of apple and plum.  Finely sparking. Aromatic power of the plum trimmed with the freshness of the green apple as on the nose.  S..
  Salmon-pink.  Expressive nose on floral notes of elderberry with a touch of red berries.  Full-bodied with fresh floral notes...
  Attractive lemon gold colour.  Strong aromas of tropical fruits (Lychee) , floral and fresh honey.  Sweet and well bodied white wine with a fruity and well ba..
  Delicate yellow color-rich hues of green excellent wine. Clearly distinguishable aromas of white flowers. Semi-sweet wine with a fresh, dynamic finish...
  Deep Gold.  Sweet smell of honey.  Sweetness is perfectly in harmony with the smell and taste of tropical fruits, fresh honey, mango and lychee fruits.  Sweet..
  Golden honey.  Ripe melon and honey.  Sweet tropical fruits like lychee, honey-melon, brown sugar.  Desserts, cheesecake, fruits.  Handpicked..
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