Privacy Policy

In this Statement, "we" refers to Young Chun Wine Cellar 永純酒窖. In complying with the requirements of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, Chapter 486 of the laws of the Hong Kong ("Ordinance"), we strive to safeguard your data privacy.  This Statement sets out matters relating to the collection and use of your personal data.

1. Collection of Your Data

A. From time to time, it is necessary for us to collect your personal data for providing you with updates, services, products or facilities or carrying out activities described in the "Purpose and Use of Your Data" section below. It is not obligatory to supply the requested personal data but if you fail to supply the requested data or any part thereof, we may not be able to provide you with the updates, services, products, facilities or activities.

B. We may also generate and compile information about you. Personal data provided by you and all information generated and compiled by us about you from time to time is collectively referred to as "Your Data".

Purpose and Use of Your Data

C. We may use Your Data for one or more of the following purposes from time to time:

1. providing updates, services, products, facilities or activities (including our website) and matters relating to administration, management, operation and maintenance (including processing applications or requests for services, products, facilities or activities);

2. communicating with you (including responding to your enquiries or requests for information);

3. designing and offering contests, games, lucky draws, promotions, surveys or events;

4. marketing services, products, facilities, activities or other subjects (please see further details in "Use of Your Data in Direct Marketing" section below and you may opt out from receiving marketing information);

5. offering, managing and operating any membership, loyalty or reward programmes;

6. administering and maintaining our website and diagnosing problems where necessary;

7. designing, reviewing, evaluating and enhancing our services, products, facilities or activities (including conducting research, survey and analysis for those purposes);

8. investigating and handling complaints, claims or incidents involving us or any of our customers, visitors or website users;

9. preventing, detecting or investigating suspicious or illegal activities;

10. making disclosure when required by any law, court order, direction, code or guideline applicable in or outside Hong Kong; and

purposes relating to any of the above.

2. Transfer of Your Data

D. Your Data will not generally be disclosed or transferred to any other party in a form that would identify you except in the following circumstances:

If we use third party suppliers or service providers who provide administrative, insurance, telecommunications, information technology, computer, data processing, content delivery, marketing support or other services to support our business operation or facilitate provision of our services, products, facilities or activities, we may provide Your Data to these suppliers or service providers.

We may disclose Your Data to any governmental or law enforcement agency, judicial body or regulatory authority to whom we are required to make disclosure according to any law, regulation, court order, direction, code or guideline.

In addition, Your Data may be accessed by, disclosed or transferred to any person under a duty of confidentiality to us (including our accountants, auditors, legal advisers or other professional advisers) [and any of our subsidiaries, holding companies, associated companies or affiliated companies] for the purposes described in the "Purpose and Use of Your Data" section above.

E. As the parties mentioned above may be located outside Hong Kong, Your Data may be transferred out of Hong Kong.

3. Use of Your Data in Direct Marketing

F. We are allowed to use Your Data in direct marketing only if you consent or do not object. In connection with direct marketing, we intend:

to use your name and contact details, profiling information, services and products portfolio information, and transaction pattern and behaviour collected, compiled, generated or held by us from time to time; and

to market and promote the services, products, facilities, activities, contests, conferences, lucky draws, events and promotional campaigns from time to time available relating to us.